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Bharati Gidoomal and Richard Charlton (Directors)

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Between them, the two directors have over 50 years of experience in this area of work and over 25 reported cases in this field. One of their most successful cases compelled the government to restore free legal aid to those detained under the Mental Capacity Act.

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Richard Charlton was selected as the first Legal Aid Mental Health Lawyer of the Year in 2004 and chaired the Mental Health Lawyers Association from 2001 to 2014. He was also elected President of the Mental Health Lawyers Association in 2014 and is currently Vice Chair and convenor of the Court of Protection subcommittee. In 2022, Richard’s expertise was called upon to participate in a Human Rights Joint Parliamentary Committee to discuss amendments to the Mental Capacity Bill 2018. Download a copy of Richard Charlton’s evidence submission here. Watch the full recording here. 

Richard Charlton

Richard Charlton assesses the quality of other lawyers in this field as a Law Society Assessor for the Mental Health Tribunal and Mental Capacity Panels. He has been listed as a leader in this area of practice by the independent Chambers Law Directory since 2005. He frequently broadcasts and writes with regards to legal developments; and has given evidence to both the Houses of Parliament and to the High Court as a recognized expert in this area of law. One of his recent key cases has resulted in the restoration, by the Government, of free legal aid for those detained under the Mental Capacity Act.

Bharati Gidoomal

Bharati Gidoomal qualified as a solicitor in 1995. She has previously acted as Senior Supervising Solicitor in mental health law in a major London firm for 7 years. She has represented clients in all areas of mental health and capacity law. Her legally reported cases include the areas of community care; challenges of local authority decisions; unlawful detention; the duty to provide mentally unwell prisoners hospital treatment; and the incorrect application of the Mental Capacity to those said to be a risk to others.


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