Specialists in mental health and mental capacity law

Richard Charlton Solicitors is a highly specialist law firm representing those who have legal issues arising from suffering mental disorder. We can assist those, and their families, who lose their capacity to make important decisions due to mental disorder, including dementia and impairment. Our assistance can cover both the inability to make financial decisions and decisions about where to live, as well as the amount of support, including statutory local authority support, that should be available.

In particular we can advise about the new rights of legal review for those detained under the Mental Capacity Act in care homes. This legal review would cover either if the detained person, or his or her family were dissatisfied with a care home placement. Legal Aid can be available in such cases.

We can also help clients and their families plan for the future inability to make substantial decisions; including specialist advice as to the drafting of Lasting Powers of Attorney. Such powers can cover both property and affairs; as well as health and welfare decisions.

The firm can also represent clients detained under the Mental Health Act and in legal actions in relation to the failure of public authorities to provide statutory community support or treatment for those with mental health problems.